Several roads across Oceola Township will see improvements and repairs in the coming year.

The Oceola Township Board of Trustees last week discussed the decaying state of many of the township’s roads and approved projects to get them fixed. First on the docket was a request by residents in the Earl Lake area where homeowners approached officials about the project, which would be split between Oceola Township and Genoa Township. The Road Commission estimates that Oceola’s share will be around $185,000. The Board of Trustees was all in agreement to use road millage funds for the project, with many stating they couldn’t remember the last time work was done out there.. The Supervisor said the Livingston County Road Commission told him it wouldn’t get done until 2019, but Bamber said if they don’t have to sell bonds, there’s a possibility of it happening this year.

Eager Road will also see improvements. $1-million dollars was approved of to be transferred from the Building and Site fund to the Road Improvement Fund within the General Fund for repairs to the Eager Road Bridge. Officials also approved of $100,000 for realignment of the road. Deerfield Township recently contacted officials about going half in on laying gravel on Allen Road between Argentine and Green. Gravel will also be laid on Hughes Road going south.

Finally, the Board agreed to participate in Road Commission projects in recapping Golf Club Road between Latson and Hughes, and Latson Road from Golf Club to M-59. These projects are all expected to be completed this year. (MK)