By Jessica Mathews /

Agreements for some road projects in Oceola Township have been approved.

The Livingston County Road Commission board met virtually Thursday morning and unanimously approved a resolution for three gravel road projects. They include McGunn Road from Latson to Gulley Road, Gulley Road from Lily Drive to Antler Avenue, and Botsford Road from M-59 to Brophy Road.

Road Commission Director of Operations Trevor Bennett told commissioners the projects are likely the beginning of many to come and noted they are 100% funded by Oceola Township. He said it’s basically finishing up roads in areas that were done previously, commenting Oceola does a good job pumping a lot of money into the road system.

The project improvements include gravel surface, limited drainage and tree work. A memo states the total project cost is $175,000 for Gulley Road, $139,000 for Botsford Road and $80,000 for McGunn Road.