Improvements and the widening of an Oceola Township intersection are slated to begin this month. The Livingston County Road Commission has a passed a resolution accepting a project agreement with Oceola Township for improvements to a quarter-mile stretch of Eager Road, at M-59.

Road Commission Managing Director Mike Craine said the widening of Eager Road there is in anticipation of the Michigan Department of Transportation adding a signal to the intersection later this year. He said that for that signal, they need to have room for dedicated left turns lanes, and lanes for right turns and through-traffic. With the adding of turn lanes, the Road Commission will also conduct earthwork, drainage improvement, concrete curb and gutter, and other necessary work. Craine expects the project to begin in the second week of April, and be finished by June.

That’s not the only work scheduled for Eager Road this year. Craine says they have completed plans and are starting the right-of-way phase now for work on the bridge that has been closed for 3 years. He said that from an engineering perspective, it’s a particularly complicated bridge because of the low-quality sub grade of earth and marsh that they are trying to construct in. However, the project is in their 2019 budget and Craine says he hopes soon to be able announce a construction schedule for that project. (Photo- Google Maps) (MK)