Progress is continuing through the early stages of new community center in Oceola Township.

With the current community center being only usable for meeting space, the Oceola Township Board of Trustees has been working towards construction of a new state-of-the-art facility that will benefit their residents along with those in surrounding areas. Trustee Robert Henshaw said they have requested and received proposals for engineering that will help the township learn more about the land they hope to be building on. Tetra Tech will do an engineering and site plan study, while working with G2 who will conduct soil borings.

At Thursday’s meeting of the Board of Trustees they accepted the engineering proposal from Tetra Tech at a cost of $34,000. They also approved $8,225 to G2 to conduct the soil borings. 12 borings will be set 10 to 15 feet deep around the building space and parking lot.

The township is hoping engineering will allow for the new community center to hold 3 full-size basketball courts, meeting rooms, and an elevated, indoor walking track for residents to use year-round. They are anticipating it will cost between $4-million and $5-million dollars.(MK)