The Northfield Township Planning Commission is opening up their zoning ordinance to check for needed changes.

Commissioners met with the township’s planning consultant during their regular meeting Wednesday night to solidify their path towards addressing the ordinance amendment. Planning Consultant Paul Lippens said that if they are going to do this, they should try to be as comprehensive as possible. Some on the commission weren’t sure this was completely necessary as they’ve had a tendency to make changes as needed along the way. Chairman Larry Roman thought it still served a good purpose and would set a more solid foundation moving forward.

Three major parts of the zoning update process were highlighted. First came the need to do a broad technical review of the ordinance. This includes looking at things like lot requirements, setbacks, and architectural and landscaping standards. Then Lippens suggested that there were some urgent amendments that could be addressed, like setting up guidelines for temporary permits. Third he recommended coordinating findings from the technical review to find substantial fixes that could be done within the existing Master Plan. As the process moves along, Lippens projected 2 to 3 public hearings will have to be held. The Planning Commission is hoping to have this project finished in the calendar year. (MK)