By Mike Kruzman /

Sewer rates are rising in Northfield Township.

At their latest meeting, held online, the Northfield Township Board of Trustees voted for increased rates for both metered and non-metered residents, along with new tap fees. The tap, or connection fees, will rise from a current rate of $6,250 to $7,430 this year, and then raise annually to end up at $7,683 for the 2024-25 fiscal year. Township Manager Steven Aynes wrote in a memo to Board members that these are justified amounts according to a study from Tetra Tech.

As for sewer rates, Board members were given numbers for what it would cost users if fees were increased yearly over 5 years versus a 5-year flat rate. Treasurer Lenore Zelenock explained their decision making process. She said she wants to be perfectly clear and these numbers aren’t arbitrary. Zelenock said they just spent $600,000 on a SAW Grant and these numbers came out of part of that. She hopes people understand that a lot of time, effort, and money went into it, and being presented options, they are selecting the constant rate.

Metered customers were paying $6 per 1,000 gallons. The Board took Tetra Tech’s recommendation for a new constant 5-year rate of $6.78. Had they gone in yearly step-increases, the 2020-21 rate would have started at $6.43 and ended at $7.43 per 1,000 gallons. Non-metered customers in Northfield Township have been paying $90.20 per quarter. They will now be paying $102 per quarter, per REU, through 2024-25. The alternative option would have seen them starting at $97 per quarter and ending at $112.

Tetra Tech notes that these 5 year constant rates will be higher than projected for the first 3 years, but lower than projected for the final 2.