Northfield Township Police issued an advisory to residents and the community reminding them the courts will not notify anyone by text or email of an outstanding warrant.

If an arrest warrant has been issued for someone, police say they will be notified by U.S mail and given the opportunity to turn themselves in to the jurisdiction holding the warrant. At no time will they be asked to wire money, or pay a bond or fine through the internet. Should someone get a call, text or email from someone representing themselves as an officer, officials say it’s important to know that no police department will ever contact someone to pay a fine over the phone or through western union.

Police further advise to ignore any email or text advising someone they have a warrant, do not open the email, and never respond to any email or text questions. For those uncomfortable about the correspondence and think they may have an outstanding warrant, police advise contacting the court agency directly to clear up matters. (JM)