Northfield Township officials are wrestling with the need for a potential multi-million dollar investment for their sewer system.

For years, the Northfield Township residents and the Board of Education have discussed the possibility of an equalization basin for the waste water treatment plant. Supervisor Marlene Chockley said the township has “not been responsible” and this would be a chance to make right with several entities.She pointed at special assessment districts on Whitmore Lake Road and on 7 Mile Road, along with contracts with neighboring Green Oak Township. She said this could do right to property owners who have paid a lot of money to be able to tap into a sewer system when the time comes.

Chockley said that she’s been told the township can accept around 200 more connections before reaching capacity. While development is slow right now, she believes it is coming, and that without modern technologies like low-flow toilets and washing machines, they may have already reached it.

By township estimates, the project will cost around $3-million. In a letter to the Board, Township Manager Steven Aynes reported that a 20-year bond on the project would cost the Township approximately $4.4-million after interest.

During the public comment period at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, resident David Gordon doubted any growth in the area, sharing his opinion that the sewer system is fine and that a basin is not needed. He said the only desire he sees is the desire to grow more debt, and that the Board’s job is to not spend taxpayer money foolishly. Trustee Wayne Docket applauded this. Trustee Janet Chick said she has received emails from residents in the sewer district who are in favor of the project over the past couple days. Further discussion on the topic was tabled Tuesday night, and will appear on the next meeting’s agenda. (MK)