Jessica Mathews /

The appointment of a new member to fill a vacant seat on the Northfield Township Board of Trustees has been postponed.

With Joshua Nelson’s resignation effective December 14th, the Board voted to accept letters of interest for a new appointment to fill the empty seat. The deadline to submit letters of interest was set for the end of the business day on January 6th - with the board voting to appoint a new trustee at their January 10th meeting.

Township Supervisor Ken Dignan says a suggestion was made recently by a board member that those interested in being appointed should complete the Boards & Commissions application prior to the meeting. There was also some confusion among applicants and the public regarding the meeting timeline due to having a joint meeting with the DDA at that same meeting.

Therefore, Dignan says he’s decided to modify the agenda and postpone the board appointment to the January 24th meeting. He says that allows time for the individuals who have submitted their letters of interest to receive and complete the application prior to attending the meeting. That is said to be within the 45 days allowed for the board to make its decision.

The deadline for accepting letters of interest with applications for the board appointment has now been extended through the end of business at 4:30pm on Tuesday, January 17th.

At the January 24th meeting, individuals that have submitted their applications will be allotted up to 5 minutes to address the board before which the board may ask questions and deliberate the appointment.