Discussions about recreational marijuana establishments are ongoing in Northfield Township, as officials continue to grapple with developing regulations and how much restriction is too much.

The township’s Planning Commission has held discussions on developing parameters at several of their meetings and continued those talks on Wednesday night. Commissioners are providing their feedback to the township’s Planning Consultant, Paul Lippens, as he works to draft recommendations for a possible ordinance to the township’s Board of Trustees. At their most recent meeting, the Planning Commission focused on issues like lot sizes for businesses, buffers between schools and marijuana-related facilities, and a required distance, if any, between pot shops.

The latter was an item that received a lot of attention during the discussion as there was some disagreement about whether the number of permitted shops should be regulated in an area or the distance between shops.

Commissioners came to a general agreement on the main points discussed, but ultimately asked Lippens to provide more information in order to help them come to a final consensus. One such issue is the allowable distance between schools and marijuana establishments. Commissioners are debating whether the distance should be measured from door-to-door, or from the property line. They’re hoping for a more visual approach like a map when discussing the regulations at their next meeting.

The Planning Commission is hoping to have a sample ordinance drafted by their next meeting. (DK)