The Northfield Township Parks and Recreation Department is forming a committee to research grant possibilities and how to use the possible funds.

KaBOOM and the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation are teaming up to offer communities in southeast Michigan and Western New York a slice of $720,000 in grant money for parks. The Built-to-Play grant aims to fund the creation of unique play spaces for kids. Grants will awarded anywhere from $10,000 to $80,000. The application is due on May 11th, causing many on the board to believe they need to begin working on it immediately. Northfield Township Parks and Rec chairman Sam Iaquinto said the only way he sees it happening is if they form a committee and they have a committee chair take ownership and spearhead the efforts. Board of Trustees representative Tawn Belliger grabbed the mantle, saying she wanted to be involved and learn more about the grant application process. Belliger said she doesn’t like public money grants, but this being a private grant is something she can definitely get behind. She will now recruit a couple more members and begin narrowing the focus of what it is the department wants to do with the funds should they receive them, for the grant application. Two ideas thrown around at the meeting were exercise stations along park pathways and park-space for radio-controlled vehicles.(MK)