By Mike Kruzman /

An agreement that will help keep dust down on the roads around the Whitmore Lake area has been made between the township and the Washtenaw County Road Commission.

The Northfield Township Board of Trustees approved this year’s agreement to enter into the County’s 2022 dust control program. Township Manager Mark Lloyd said that the Road Commission will share costs for three treatments and roughly 300,000 gallons of brine on the gravel and limestone roads.

The township’s 50-percent share of that cost comes in at $28,401.79.

Trustee Janet Chick was in full support and said she felt they should as much as they can, and not than they’ve done in the past. She said they have issues with their roads, and that their fund balance can handle it.

Treasurer Jacqueline Otto noted that they have American Recuse Plan Act Funds that could go towards this.

With dust control agreed upon, Lloyd said he next wanted to turn attention towards other potential projects on the roads. He said that there might be opportunities with neighboring communities to further share costs to benefit of more residents in the region. Lloyd hopes to work with Public Safety Director William Wagner to identify these potential areas for improvements.

Chick said she felt they should put priority towards the school bus routes.