Needed improvements and renovations to the Northfield Township Community Center will be possible thanks to funding from a federal grant.

Northfield Township officials recently submitted a proposal for a Community Development Block Grant to assist with funding repairs to the Community, or Senior Center, in Whitmore Lake. This week, on the basis of using the money for helping seniors, the Urban County Executive Committee announced they will be awarding $91,286 to Northfield Township for the improvements.

Northfield Township Supervisor Marlene Chockley said that some of the funding will be used to create new parking on the north side of the building, and to replace rusting streetlamps within the Center’s parking area. They will also be able to put in new flooring, and a hand sink so that they can provide meals to homebound seniors. Chockley said that while the center is very popular with seniors, the whole community is welcome to take advantage of the space. She that for seniors there are lots of health related classes, screenings, and shots. Chockley said that for families, they have movie nights and activities scheduled on a regular basis.

The supervisor said that the center is “really the hub of Whitmore Lake for community activity,” and that they are really excited about the coming improvements.

The grant will cover 75% of the project’s costs, and while roofing and storage do not qualify to be covered, Chockley said they are pleased that the rest does. Repair work will begin after the funds are delivered, which will be after July 1st. Chockley said they hope to have everything completed by the end of the year. (MK)