A new lighting design has been authorized for an upcoming construction project in the City of Fenton.

The North Road Rehabilitation project will include a roundabout at North and Torrey Roads - the first in the City. Part of the project will be financed through Transportation Improvement Program or TIP funds to improve North Road from Oak Park to US-23, which includes the intersection at North and Torrey Roads. However, the Tri-County Times reports that bids came in higher than anticipated for the project at around $92,000 so engineers are now reviewing line items to make cuts and try to reduce the cost. At a recent meeting, Council approved purchasing six new light poles for the area at a cost of $13,158, because the new design for the area will require additional lighting to light up the new intersection. Council opted for decorative black poles with LED lights in an effort to provide more character at the intersection, verses standard utility pole lighting.

As for a construction schedule, work is anticipated to start on the northeast side of Torrey Road to Oak Park after the 4th of July holiday period. It should be completed before school starts back up. The roundabout construction is expected to start after Labor Day and then be completed by mid-November. (JM)