By Jon King /

The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services reported Sunday that 11 new COVID-19 deaths were recorded in Michigan overall, with no new deaths registered in Detroit for the day. In Livingston County, there were just two new cases reported Sunday and no new deaths, bringing the tally 385 cases and 25 deaths caused by COVID-19. That makes a full week that the county has not seen an increase of more than two cases per day.

The Detroit News reported that the 11 deaths reported on Sunday is the lowest daily toll for Michigan since March 24th and down from the 55 reported on Saturday. The number of recorded deaths from COVID-19 in the state since the coronavirus pandemic began stands at 4,891, while Detroit’s death toll stands at 1,257, with 22 new cases registered Sunday.

The city’s chief public health officer, Denise Fair, called the figures for Detroit “encouraging” but “subject to change." Fair added, "We strongly encourage residents to continue taking precautions to protect against the virus until the threat of infection has passed."

Statewide, 638 new cases were reported Sunday, bringing the total number of cases since the pandemic began to 51,142.
The zero deaths for Detroit may partly be explained by delayed reporting, though the number of deaths in the city has been trending down in recent days. Some deaths reported on one day could have occurred days before. Certain information takes time to get recorded as records are reviewed and then matched.