A New Hudson man will likely spend most of the rest of his life in prison for trying to kill his girlfriend’s infant son.

24-year-old Seth Blumberg pleaded no contest last month to charges of assault with intent to murder and 1st degree child abuse. While a no-contest plea is not a legal admission of guilt, it was treated as such at his sentencing in Oakland County Circuit Court on Wednesday, where a judge sentenced him to serve between 47 and 99 years in prison.

Police began investigating Blumberg after the child’s mother brought the infant to the hospital March 29th of 2018 when she noticed bruising on the child. An Oakland County Sheriff’s deputy testified Blumberg admitted trying to kill the infant, including trying to choke him, so he could spend more time with the child’s mother. She testified that she dated Blumberg for about a month before moving into a two-bedroom apartment with him and his step-brother and that there were numerous occasions when Blumberg was being too rough with the infant, including picking the child up by his head.

Blumberg has been in custody since his arrest, and was given credit for the 601 days already served behind bars. However, his sentence was also enhanced due to past convictions of possessing child sexually abusive material and criminal sexual conduct involving someone ages 13-15. (JK)