A popular gas station and convenience store chain is opening another branch in Marion Township.

Mugg and Bopp’s is setting to open their 19th store in the area on D-19 in Marion Township, at the current site of Bella’s Market. At Thursday night’s meeting of the Board of Trustees, Todd Lekander of Mugg and Bopp’s was present for final site plan review and a needed special use permit. The gas station will house 5 fuel stations with a canopy, with 7-feet of brick columns as per the township’s request. The site plan was approved based on fulfillment of recommendations from the township’s engineer.

The special use permit proved to be a bit trickier. A broken pipe on Lekander’s property belonging to neighboring property owner Bob Diamond has been malfunctioning for years and causing flooding issues. Lekander said in discussions with Diamond, Diamond believes the county's road and drain commissions are responsible for repairs. Those two entities, it was said, believe that Diamond is responsible. Township officials just want this lingering problem fixed before it gets too great.

Lekander said from the start of the meeting that he was willing to facilitate whoever was willing to fix it if they wanted to do it during construction. He agreed to give an easement to whichever party ends up fixing the problem. Lekander said they plan on beginning construction in the summer and should be ready to open in the fall.(MK)