A new executive director has been named for a local nonprofit organization.

Jim Gilmore of Hamburg Township has been named interim executive director for UBU Today. The non-profit addresses individual trauma, stemming from any number of causes including sexual assault, domestic violence, depression, grief or loss, divorce and PTSD among others. The non-profit provides education, resources, workshops and access to world renowned natural techniques as a springboard for renewed personal growth, hope and healing.

Gilmore has an extensive history of community involvement, including with local rotary clubs. Gilmore says he’s excited lend his passion and expertise in organization and resource development to helping people release the hold that trauma has on them and change lives for the better.

Wendy Jo Morrison of Brighton is the founder of UBU Today. After being diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy in 2010, Morrison traveled to Greece, where she discovered Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release. She is now the only person certified in the modality in the United States. Morrison had previously served as the voluntary executive director but will now concentrate on her duties as board chair, facilitation, trauma awareness and on expanding opportunities through programming and curriculum.

Morrison was recently named a Michigan Volunteer of the Year by Governor Snyder as part of the Governor's Service Awards. (JM/JK)