By Jon King /

A local nonprofit has announced its Board of Directors for the next year.

The Howell Nature Center’s board includes 10 members who provide oversight of the organization’s mission, strategic direction and fiduciary responsibility. Recently, Rhett B. Rowe of Milford was elected as Chairman of the Board and President of the Corporation, while David A. Willliams of Brighton will serve as the board’s vice-chair. Also elected were R. Robert Geake, of Northville, who will serve as secretary, and Gregory B. Wahowiak, also of Milford, to be the board’s treasurer.

John Carlson, CEO of the Howell Nature Center, said they could not be, “more blessed by the cadre of Board Members” helping them to achieve their mission of being what he called, “faithful caretakers of one another and the natural world around us.” Carlson said that with the continued leadership and new talents brought to the center’s leadership, they “couldn’t be more excited about the prospects for a stronger 2021.”

Located on 230 acres in Marion Township, the Howell Nature Center offers comprehensive outdoor education and recreation programs; including the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park, as well as youth summer camps, a nationally-recognized wildlife rehabilitation clinic, a teaching zoo, and an education center available year-round to individuals and groups across the Midwest.