The Brighton Board of Education has accepted a donation of $11,432 from the Spencer Parent Teacher Organization to install a Music Park at the Spencer Road Elementary School on Spencer Road in Brighton Township.

The donation was accepted by the board at its meeting last week. The music park, purchased from Playworld Midstates, will be installed just outside the school playground. The set includes five drums, two xylophones and a Yantzee, which produces low sounds that complement the other instruments. PTO President Cari Pilon says all of the instruments will be installed in-ground, and she isn’t concerned about vandalism or theft since the instruments are installed permanently and are very hard to damage. Pilon says the Music Park will be ideal for kids who are disinterested in other playground activities, saying, in her words, “We like to reach out to all kids.” She says funding for the Music Park started last fall with the Road Runner Run and continued with other events throughout the school year.

Pilon says the company which is shipping the instruments sells other musical pieces, and the PTO may purchase more items from them in the future. Due to the durable nature of the instruments, she expects the Music Park to last for many years. She says the instruments should arrive in about two weeks. (TT)