A re-election bid has been announced by Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy.

In a move that is a surprise to nobody, Murphy today signaled his intention to seek another four year term this November. In a letter to supporters, Murphy said as criminals have learned to utilize advancements in technology, the sheriff’s office has “embraced these challenges by analyzing data-driven criminal trends and forming strong partnerships with community members and leaders.” Murphy also highlighted accomplishments during his first term as sheriff, including having a K9 trained in the jail to help find contraband, while also establishing a program through Livingston County Community Mental Health to give opiate users a better chance of success upon leaving jail. In addition, the office established a Community Outreach Unit, whose sole function is to work with schools, nonprofits and service providers to better understand community issues and work with those groups to solve them. Murphy also says they undertook what he called, “the monumental task” of a total re-write of policies and procedures for the field services division. Murphy, who served as Undersheriff for 12 years until his election in 2016, says he has stayed true to his promise not to only visible during election years and hopes those who agree with the direction that the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is taking will vote for him in November.