The public is invited to see the finished masterpiece on the exterior of a restaurant building in downtown Fenton recently completed by an artist and Fenton native.

The exterior of El Topo's building displays the creativity and expression of Artist Kevin Burdick. He spray painted an original mural of concept art specifically designed for the blank east exterior wall of the building. The design was recently brought to life over the course of three days. The restaurant thanked Burdick and the Fenton Arts Council for turning the building into an awesome Fenton landmark with striking, magnificent art – adding the vibrant colors and details are outstanding. The restaurant said his precision is amazing and further thanked all of the visitors who took time to stop by, see things take shape and chat with Burdick.

The Fenton Arts Council sponsored the project and conversation piece. The inspiration for the mural included colors from the Mexico flag—red, green, and white. The eagle is symbolic of Mexico City and also has a connection to sightings of eagles in Fenton. The fox is said to be representative of Burdick’s connection back to Fenton. the progress is detailed on the restaurant Facebook page. That link is provided. Facebook photo. (JM)