Green Oak Township officials are working out details with project leaders that have proposed a multi-use and storage space development to be built in three phases.

The project, Kril Properties, is proposed along the west side of Green Oak Industrial Drive, which dead ends on the north side of Eight Mile Road. The development would be constructed on a site of approximately 12.96 acres, with phase one consisting of an 11,463-square-foot building broken into suites that could include office, shop or warehouse space. The second phase is comprise of four 3,000-sqaure-foot buildings to be used for mini and self-storage, with an outdoor area for recreational vehicle storage. Phase three consists of a single 5,000-square-foot building surrounded by a drive and parking spaces.

The outdoor vehicle storage portion of the project requires a Special Use Approval permit. A public hearing regarding the permit was held Thursday by the township’s Planning Commission, who also considered site plan approval for the development. Commissioners had very few issues with the site plan, but did ask project leaders to place some type of screening on the south end of the property to block the view of the storage spaces from the neighboring residential area.

Township Clerk Michael Sedlak tabled approval of the permit and plan so that Township Planner Paul Montagno could draw up an agreement on how the property will be configured and to ensure that the screening will be included in phase three. Sedlak says, “We want to make sure all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted for future use.”

Project leaders were agreeable with officials’ request for screening in the form of a fence, tall vegetation, or both. Plans for the development will return for final approval at the Planning Commission’s June 20th meeting. (DK)