By Jon King /

A local lawmaker’s legislation to extend the validity of vehicle registrations, chauffeur licenses and driver’s licenses has been signed into law.

On Wednesday, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed House Bills 5756 and 5757 into law. Republican State Representative Mike Mueller of Linden sponsored the legislation that would extend licenses and registrations that expired after March 1st to December 11th. During the ongoing pandemic, he said Secretary of State offices have not had the capacity to renew key documents and identification and because of that, people have been unable to renew through no fault of their own.

Mueller said the extension should give the Secretary of State’s Office enough time to cut down on the waiting times. The bills also waive late fees for renewal of the cards.

The former Livingston County Sheriff’s deputy added that law enforcement also benefits from the extensions as the plan offers a clear explanation for what’s valid and what’s out-of-date when officers conduct stops.