Michigan State Police are now handling an investigation into the circumstances surrounding a teenage girl found passed out in the home of South Lyon Police Chief Lloyd Collins during a New Year’s Eve party.

Collins recused himself from the initial investigation launched by his own department following the incident in which the teen was found breathing but unconscious on the floor of the home where he lives with his wife, adult daughter and three grandchildren.

South Lyon Lt. Chris Sovik tells WHMI a lieutenant from MSP District 2 headquarters called to inquire about the complaint January 10th so he emailed him the report and indicated he had no problem turning over the criminal investigation but would need to make contact with the family before closing the case. Sovik said the girl’s mother came into the department Monday requesting that South Lyon Police close their investigation and transfer all case findings over to MSP, and indicated she wanted to pursue criminal matters. The girl’s mother said the family had been advised to not speak with them.

Sovik said he is not sure who is advising them, but the family has not provided them with any further details of the incident, in which Collins’ daughter was reportedly chaperoning a party when Collins and his wife came home. Collins previously said everything looked fine with the kids watching TV, playing video games or listening to music. But about three hours later, sometime between 11:30 and 11:45 that evening, the girl was found passed out on the floor. She was taken to a hospital and later released. It still has not been determined if alcohol was involved or if the girl suffers from some sort of medical condition as previously suggested. Collins has said if the girl consumed alcohol; it was without the knowledge or consent of himself, his wife or their daughter.

MSP First Lieutenant Michael Shaw confirmed the mother and daughter have been interviewed by investigators but other witnesses and Collins have not yet. No details are being released as the investigation is ongoing and Shaw told WHMI they do not have a time table when it will be completed. Collins meanwhile is set to retire after more than 20 years as chief. Sovik said Collins has chosen to use accrued time off until his official retirement date of February 1st. (JM/JK)