By Mike Kruzman /

September is Preparedness Month in Michigan and the State Police are encouraging Livingston County residents to take steps needed to ensure safety through any emergency.

The Michigan State Police, along with the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division, are joining with federal, state and local governments to spread the word about the importance of emergency preparedness. This year’s theme is “Prepare to Protect.” Agencies everywhere are encouraging families to create a family emergency plan and to learn life-saving skills like first aid and CPR to help themselves and others until first responders arrive.

Captain Kevin Sweeney, state deputy director of the Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division says that households should create emergency kits with food, water, and first aid that will allow them to be self-sustaining for 72 hours. He added, in a release, that “the last year in Michigan has shown us that disasters can happen without warning, and can impact or delay critical services, including police, fire, and EMS response.”