By Jon King /

Another motion has been filed to revoke the bond of a state lawmaker who was arrested near Fowlerville for drunken driving and other charges.

A hearing is set on Friday for Democratic State Representative Jewell Jones of Inkster on an emergency motion to revoke his bond. It was filed last week by the Livingston County Prosecutor’s Office which stated that Jones had failed to pay the invoice for his ankle device, called a SCRAM monitor, which samples the wearer’s perspiration throughout the day to make sure they are complying with court orders not to consume alcohol.

The motion states that Jones was sent a text message on four occasions between July 6th and the 14th “reminding him that his payment was due and the dates his payment was to avoid being shut off.” It then says that on July 7th, Jones texted back and stated, “No worries. I see the email. Thank you! I don’t get a discount???” However, as of July 15th, Jones had still not paid the invoice nor appeared to have the monitor reactivated.

The motion, which will be heard at 2pm Friday by Livingston County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hatty, requests that Jones’ bond be immediately revoked and that he be jailed pending trial.

This is the second request to revoke Jones’ bond. Last month, he pleaded guilty to violating his bond by skipping out on military training, which he had stated to officials would have prevented him from undergoing court-ordered drug and alcohol testing.

Jones was arrested after authorities say he drove his vehicle into a ditch on I-96 on April 6th and then resisted responding officers. As part of his bond conditions, Jones was ordered to undergo random drug and alcohol testing, and not to possess any weapons except for duties with the Michigan National Guard. When he entered the plea to violating bond, Jones was ordered to wear the SCRAM monitor and to submit to twice-monthly random drug testing.

Meanwhile, an August 20th pre-trial hearing on the drunk driving and resisting charges has also been scheduled.