Jessica Mathews /

A man has been charged for allegedly trying to grab an Argentine Township Police Officer’s gun following a traffic crash.

28-year-old Mitchell John Reis of Metamora is facing a single felony count of disarming a firearm from a peace officer.

The Tri-County Times reports that following a crash on September 18th, the Argentine Township police officer was called out to assist Livingston County Sheriff’s deputies in a search of a vehicle involved in a nearby hit-and-run.

The suspect vehicle was identified as a 2016 Chevy Silverado, which crashed into a tree on Peninsular Drive. The Argentine officer was said to have spotted the truck but two male suspects fled on foot.

Reis was taken into custody a short distance away, after being spotted lying down on a driveway. However when the officer attempted to handcuff Reis, he allegedly fought the officer and attempted to grab his gun. The officer used a taser to subdue him, and reportedly had assistance from two Good Samaritans who heard the crash.

The search is continuing for the second suspect who got away, but authorities believe they know his identity. Reis’ t-shirt logo was said to have matched a logo on the pick-up truck, which was registered to a Waterford man.

Reis sustained facial injuries during the crash and was taken to a hospital before being transported to the Genesee County Jail.

Court records show Reis is free after posting a $10,000 cash bond. He’s scheduled to appear in 67th District Court for a probable cause conference on October 6th.