By Jessica Mathews /

Anyone curious about what local businesses or workplaces have been cited for COVID-19 violations can now learn that information online.

The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration or MIOSHA has launched a new online resource to streamline reporting of workplace safety citations related to COVID-19. The site was created enhance transparency and provide ongoing information related to COVID-19 workplace safety violations. In addition to the full citation document and a brief description of the violation(s), the online resource will update where each citation is in the enforcement process.

The dashboard includes various categories that include citations abated or vacated, penalties issued or paid, and whether a case is open, closed or under formal appeal.

Employers have 15 working days from receipt of the MIOSHA citations to contest the violations and penalties. A cited employer may choose to enter into a Penalty Reduction Agreement with MIOSHA and agree to abate noted hazards by the abatement date provided within the citation and will receive a 50% reduction in penalties. Employers must provide proof to MIOSHA that abatement has been completed. The new MIOSHA COVID-19 enforcement actions dashboard will be updated every Friday at 3pm. That link is provided.

Meanwhile, the MIOSHA Ambassador Program offers education and one-on-one guidance to help businesses understand regulations on workplace safety. A press release states that ambassadors reported that over 90% of businesses visited are complying with face covering, cleaning and disinfection and personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. However, Ambassadors have also seen opportunities for continued education and improvement in employee training, record keeping, COVID-19 signage and written plan documents. Employers can also schedule a free COVID-19 safety consultation online.