By Mike Kruzman /

As sectors of the economy are slowly re-opened, the state has launched a new website full of safety resources for employers and employees.

The COVID-19 Workplace Safety website is up and running. The site, created by the Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MIOSHA) provides guidance and a toolkit of resources to help ensure that workplaces are safe for all returning to the job. Visitors to the website can find MIOSHA-issued guidelines, posters for employees and customers, factsheets, educational videos, and a re-opening checklist.

MIOSHA is also providing further clarification on necessary steps several sectors must take when re-opening, including construction, manufacturing, offices, retail, restaurants and bars, outpatient health care, and more. Employers can find all they need to create and make available to employees and customers their written control plan. These plans outline measures that will be taken to protect employees, including items like hygiene and surface disinfection, use of PPE, and health surveillance. For employees, the website offers best practices that should be followed and can help protect them from exposure to COVID-19. These tips include social distancing guidelines for keeping appropriate space between each other, hygiene guidelines like washing your hands and avoiding touching your face, and reminders to frequently clean and disinfect touched surfaces and tools routinely.

Find all this and more at the website,

Those with questions regarding workplace safety and health can call MIOSHA at (855) 723-3219.
To report health and safety concerns in the workplace, go to