Greg Coburn /

Water meters will begin to be replaced in Milford starting in September.

The Village of Milford will be contracting with HydroCorp to change all water meters in the Village with one that will be more efficient.

Letters informing residents or property owners that they are able to schedule an appointment to have their meter replaced will begin going out in September and will continue through the spring of 2023.

Once you have received a letter from the Village with your unique customer code, which identifies your water account, you can schedule your meter replacement through the HydroCorp website and all appointments must be scheduled through HydroCorp and not the Village.

HydroCorp will also be conducting a water safety survey which involves a cross-connection survey and a sump pump discharge survey. HydroCorp will have one to three technicians on-site to install the new meters. Appointments will take approximately 45 minutes.

Go to the provided link for more information.