Construction is continuing as part of a project to preserve a stretch of pavement along Milford Road.

The project is a simple resurfacing project that’s intended to serve as more of a temporary fix for the next 5 to 7 years, allowing the Village of Milford time to determine funding for something more long term. Road Commission for Oakland County Public Information Officer Craig Bryson says the preservation overlay paving job involves essentially applying two inches of new asphalt to the road and does not include any base or drainage repairs. He says it’s about a 7.5 mile long paving project and crews are proceeding along there. Bryson tells WHMI they did a portion within the Village of Milford and that section is done so crews are now working north of the Village up to the Highland Township limits – meaning asphalt is down south of M-59. However, he says crews still need to put new gravel on the shoulders and then the striping contractor has to come in and put down permanent stripes. After paving is done on the section north of M-59 to the northern Highland Township border, then crews will need to do the shoulders and striping on that section.

Milford Road remains open but crews are paving one lane at a time so there are traffic impacts as the paving project is being done under flag control. Taking everything into account, Bryson expects the paving project to be complete by the end of the second week of August. (JM)