A local man claiming to be defending his wife with a BB gun has been cited for disturbing the peace.

Milford Police responded to a call last week for a man waving around a gun in the Childs Lake Estates manufactured home community. Officers arrived at the area near White and McDivitt Roads around 6:30pm on July 21st to find the 36 year-old suspect sitting on a picnic table, with the gun approximately 25 feet away. The weapon was discovered to be a BB handgun that had the plastic slide cover removed. The man admitted to bringing the gun to the area after initially denying it to officers.

He appeared to be intoxicated to officers and was reported to have been belligerent with them. His blood alcohol level was 0.22% based on a portable Breathalyzer test.

The suspect said another man had been arguing with his wife and that he was only trying to protect her. The suspect’s brother-in-law was at scene and told officers that he and the suspect had been fishing in the area, before the suspect and the other man got into an altercation near the picnic table. The suspect eventually pointed the BB gun at the other man, who tried next to walk away. The brother-in-law said that the suspect tried to start another fight with the man, who eventually left, leaving behind some of his fishing gear. The suspect’s identification listed a Redford address, but he told police he has recently been living in a tent near Lyon Township.

Police arrested the suspect, cited him for disturbing the peace, and released him on $100 bond once he sobered up. (MK)