A Milford man who led a police chase, crashed his vehicle, and then attempted to run from officers, has entered a plea.

At a hearing Tuesday, 28-year-old Jonathon Liddy pleaded guilty as charged to reckless driving, third-degree fleeing a police officer, operating while intoxicated, assault and battery, and assaulting, obstructing, or resisting a police officer. As part of his plea, prosecutors agreed to one year in the Livingston County jail and four years of probation. Liddy will be sentenced March 1st.

Liddy was charged as a result of the November 22nd incident that began when a Howell Police officer saw Liddy’s vehicle cross the center line multiple times while driving on Walnut Street. Liddy reportedly made a wide turn onto Mason Street and then onto McPherson Park Drive, at which time the officer attempted to pull him over. Howell Police Chief George Basar says once the lights were activated, Liddy sped up to about 70mph on the road that has a speed limit of 35mph. Liddy lost control of the vehicle at a curve in the road in front of Thai Summit, hit a curb, and then fled on foot.

Chief Basar says Livingston County Sheriff’s deputies assisted in catching Liddy, who was then taken to a hospital. Liddy reportedly refused to submit to a blood test and was uncooperative to the point that he had to be physically restrained. Authorities say he even tried to bite a security guard. (DK)