It appears the Milford Public Library was targeted in a scam involving phony checks.

The first phony check was discovered at the beginning of the month. In total, there were four checks made out to different personal names that someone tried to cash out of state. Library Director Tina Hatch tells WHMI someone was making checks that look like those issued by the library but all had the higher check numbers so they were flagged by the bank. All four checks were stopped by the bank. Three were for $1,950 each and another was slightly higher. All of the checks had signatures from Hatch and township representative Terrell Tucker. Hatch noted the signatures on the checks looked valid and they work with different vendors but all were made out to unfamiliar individuals and the amounts would not be that high unless it was a payroll check. Hatch says there are security measures in place for the library’s bank account, which is handled through the township, and alerts them to anything suspicious. She is able to view online images of checks and says she knew they were fraudulent right away.

Milford Police were contacted and are investigating. Hatch noted the township did a great job putting different security protections in place for the account and the system worked exactly as intended because all of the checks were flagged and they have not had a loss. Facebook photo. (JM)