By Jessica Mathews /

A well-known community member is withdrawing from the Michigan Senate race after suffering a major medical event recently.

The Livingston County Democratic Party Chair announced Friday that Michael Tipton has withdrawn from the race for the 22nd State Senate seat. A campaign kick-off event was set to take place in May, which has been canceled.

Party Chairwoman Judy Daubenmier said in a release “Mike suffered a massive heart attack on Tuesday while vacationing in Florida. Emergency responders quickly got him to a hospital and a stent was inserted. He remains in intensive care and a valve clip surgery to repair a leaky valve is planned at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville to help him get stronger for open heart surgery at a later date”.

Tipton is retired and well known within the local Democratic Party and the community at large. He also previously served on the Howell Township Board of Trustees.

Daubenmier said they’re all are extremely worried about him and their thoughts are with his wife, Judith Minton, and his children at this time.

A press release is attached.