An inter-county challenge to see which law enforcement leader can most effectively race around the oval with ice in their veins has been answered by the Livingston County Sheriff.

Sheriff Mike Murphy will be making his stock car debut as part of a 4-sheriff race at the Corrigan Oil Speedway in Mason on Friday, August 9th. The event is the brainchild of Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wriggelsworth, who worked with track and race car operators to make it happen. Also participating are Clinton County Sheriff Larry Jerue and Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich. The four sheriffs will race around the track 8 to 10 times, likely during the evening’s intermission.

Sheriff Murphy said they’ve all been trained in emergency vehicle operations, but going in a circle, and not in a straight line looking out for traffic, is going be like being in a whole different world. Since they’re borrowing cars from other race drivers and owners at the event, Murphy expects there to be a gentlemen’s agreement between the sheriffs to get everybody back their vehicles in the conditions they were lent. So don’t expect any PIT maneuvers in attempt to gain an advantage.

While this race is just for fun and bragging rights, the sheriff said that if this thing grows some legs and takes off, he could see something like a travelling trophy up for grabs in the future. Murphy grew up in Williamston and frequented the track when it was known as Spartan Speedway. He laughed, saying that while this is in Sheriff Wriggelsworth’s backyard, that he considers this his home track, and that he’s coming for the others!

The Corrigan Oil Speedway is located at 779 College Road in Mason. Gates open at 5pm, with racing starting at 7:30. (MK)