The primary may be almost a year-and-a-half away, but one State House candidate is already touting an endorsement.

Mike Detmer of Howell announced in early January that he was running for Republican nomination for the 47th District, which encompasses the City of Howell and Village of Fowlerville along with Conway, Cohoctah, Deerfield, Tyrone, Hartland, Oceola, Howell, Handy, Iosco, Marion and Unadilla townships. The seat is currently held by Republican State Representative Hank Vaupel of Handy Township, who is term limited. Although the primary election isn’t until August of 2020, Detmer announced Friday that former State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck officially endorsed him. Colbeck said Ditmer is, “not politics-as-usual” and that if he’s elected, he was confident that Ditmer, “will not forget that his job is to pursue people’s best interests not those of the lobbyists in Lansing.” Detmer is a licensed real estate agent with experience in the automotive and lending industries. Also announced for the 47th District GOP nomination is Bob Bezotte, a current Livingston County Commissioner and former sheriff. (JM)