A Milford Township man is hoping to turn local land into a destination for wine connoisseurs.

David Kalinowski and his wife Amber have recently bought 9 and ½ acres of rural residential property at Hickory Ridge and General Motors Road, just south of their home in Milford Township. At last month’s meeting of the Planning Commission, Kalinowski presented a plan to turn the land into a vineyard, winery, and tasting room. No formal request was made, according to the Milford Times. Kalinowski said they often travel to Traverse City for wine tasting and feels that it his calling to provide a similar service in Milford.

Zoning on the land permits the growing and processing of grapes. Members of the Planning Commission were interested in the idea, but noted that when you start adding commercial pieces to the puzzle amendments may need to be made. Kalinowski said he plans to use most of the acreage for grapes and hopes to start planting vines next year. The winery and tasting room are visualized as being near to the intersection and away from neighboring houses.

The township planner is working on examples of agribusiness to bring to the Planning Commission at a future meeting. They have invited Kalinowski to come back and learn of their findings.

Picture courtesy of Google Street View. (MK)