Dan Martin / news@WHMI.com

With "Old Man Winter" on his way, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan State Police are urging Michigan residents to make winter emergency preparedness a priority.

November 5th through the 11th was officially “winter preparedness week,” but as the colder months continue their approach, authorities are still reminding Michigan residents to ready themselves for the winter season ahead.

A recent press release advises you to weatherproof your home with caulking, insulation and weather stripping, insulate your water lines and pipes so they are less likely to freeze, and have a backup heating plan. You’re also reminded to put fresh batteries in your carbon-monoxide detectors, have your chimney or fireplace cleaned, and have gas or oil furnaces inspected.

Motorists are advised to replace windshield wipers, have fluids checked and topped off, and replace worn tires. Having an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle is also helpful, stocked with batteries, a shovel, blankets, food, and mobile phone charger.

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