A local employment agency is releasing a study revealing the root causes of turnover and the costs it puts on employers.

Michigan Works! Southeast is part of a statewide network of organizations that work to encourage local economic prosperity by developing a strong, talented workforce. They have recently completed a study that explored the most common reason for employee turnover. The two biggest reasons are transportation and child care. Michigan Works! Southeast Communications Manager Nicole Bell said the big “a-ha” moment in the study’s results, came in learning that the estimated median cost of turnover was $4,000 per worker to the employer. With that number being calculated at minimum wage, Bell noted that that is quite a large investment for employers.

The report states that 25% of employees leave a job due to conflicts with transportation, but only 9% of the region’s employers offer transportation support. Bell says in Livingston County there is a Business Resource Network comprised of 8 local employers who take key issues, like transportation, and work together to solve it. Locally, they have been using the Livingston Essential Transportation Network, or LETS, to bring workers from Flint into the greater Howell-area for employment opportunities. A digital launch and 1-hour interactive web reveal of the 20-page study is scheduled for Tuesday, July 30th, starting at 2pm. Register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/turnover-study-identifies-root-causes-of-employee-turnover-tickets-65456621517?aff=affiliate1 (MK)