By Mike Kruzman /

A local workforce development organization reports that there are multiple thousands of jobs available for Livingston County residents.

Michigan Works! Southeast helps to engage employers and job seekers in an effort to foster a strong and prosperous community and economy. At a recent Livingston County Board of Commissioners meeting, a team from Michigan Works presented their annual report.

Executive Director Shamar Herron said they remained open through the pandemic, and from March to December 2020 they fielded over 40,000 calls, held over 100 virtual workshops, and helped 1,300 residents resolve Unemployment Insurance Agency tickets. Though the organization serves 4 other counties along with Livingston, it was reported that last year 34 Livingston County businesses received a total of $923,000 in grant funding- which is one-third of the total grant funding distributed.

Now Michigan Works! Southeast is shifting its priority to getting people re-employed. Deputy Director Misty Shulters told the Board there is a great need by employers for talent. She said that in the last 6 months they have seen over 8,000 jobs posted in the region. She encouraged employers and job seekers to get in contact with them.

Herron said that across the state, the number of jobs seekers is down 85 to 90%, meaning that if 100 people were seeking employment a year ago, only 10 are now. He added that the state is also 65% below where they were 10 years ago with young people seeking and being hired into jobs.

Michigan Works can be valuable asset for students who aren’t college bound with their 4 week virtual skill building program. They are working with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office in looking forward to clean slate expungement services. For more information, including how to take advantage of their services as an employer or job seeker, visit their website,