By Jessica Mathews /

A three-month speed enforcement campaign is underway in an effort to combat dangerous and deadly trends taking place on roadways throughout Livingston County and the state.

In addition to increased speeding; distracted driving, a lack of seatbelt use and others driving too fast for conditions are some of the issues the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning and partners are working to address. The campaign is supported by federal traffic safety funds.

OHSP Communications Specialist Dennis Raymo tells WHMI they’ve seen an alarming rise in the number of people speeding, which has led to higher crash rates and fatality rates - despite fewer miles being traveled on Michigan roads in 2020.

Raymo said while there was a 22% reduction in traffic crashes last year, there was a 10% increase in fatalities – which are some telling statistics that should scare people. He said they’ll have increased patrols out for the next three months to try and address speeding drivers and stop some of the preventable crashes that are happening because of the “lead-foot drivers” that seem to be out there over the last year or so.

Raymo said they’re also seeing a decrease in the number of people wearing seatbelts so there’s a lot of alarming and disturbing things going on out there on roadways and they’re trying to put a cap on that. He said he doesn’t know if there’s been a change in attitudes but they’re just trying to raise awareness and educate people about the dangers of speeding and other risky behaviors.

More than 100 law enforcement agencies throughout Michigan at the state, county and local levels will be taking part in the campaign that runs through the end of February.

A press release with more information is attached.