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Michigan's new safe storage law goes into effect Tuesday, requiring unattended firearms to be unloaded and locked up if minors are on the property. It comes in direct response to the Oxford High School shooting.

"My hope is we won't see more Crumbley situations, because you won't have minors that have that kind of access to deadly weapons anymore. Not without parental supervision," Attorney General Dana Nessel said Wednesday.

Second Amendment advocates disagree.

"Nothing really happens under this law until or unless a minor gets a hold of a gun and does something irresponsible with it," says Steven Dulan, of Michigan’s Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

"I think the Crumbley verdict showed it's not really needed. Prosecutors do have tools when people are irresponsible with firearms and storage around minors."

Still, half of all U.S. states have a safe gun storage law on the books -- including Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

"These laws save lives," said Ryan Bates, of End Gun Violence Michigan. "When Florida implemented a strong safe storage law, youth firearm deaths went down more than 50 percent."