April O'Neil/ news@whmi.com

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Attorney General Dana Nessel issued a Romance Scams Consumer Alert to educate residents on common scams found on social media and dating websites.

Online romance scams often involve con artists who are quick to profess their love, ask for personal and/or financial information, and avoid giving out their own personal contact information.

“It is imperative that you always exercise caution with what you share online and never send money or sensitive data to someone you have not met in person,” said Nessel.

The Consumer Alert mentions a few tips for avoiding scams, including:

- Use reverse image search websites like TinEye and Google Images to see if their image shows up somewhere else.

- Never agree to open a bank account, or re-ship goods they send you.

- Don’t send money, gift cards, or cryptocurrency to someone you just met online.

- Communicate through one specific app to avoid giving out personal phone numbers, location, or email addresses.

- If someone rushes to start a friendship or romance on social media, ask a friend or someone you trust before responding.

A link to the Romance Scams Consumer Alert can be found at the provided link.

For more information about popular consumer scams or if you believe you’ve been a victim, residents can contact the Consumer Protection Department Monday-Friday at 877-765-8388.