Plans continue to move forward for a local business owner looking to re-open a Mexican restaurant in Howell.

On May 6th, 2017, Mexicali Allies owner Sandra Blake had to shut down her Mexican restaurant of 23 years due to a dispute with her landlord. Just over one year after shutting down her business, Blake took another successful step in getting her business up and running once again.

Blake is working towards opening a new Mexican restaurant that will be located in Howell’s New Town Center on Grand River. Monday night she was overjoyed with Genoa Charter Township approving her request for a Class C Liquor license. She told WHMI that people love to drink margaritas with Mexican meals and she wants to provide her customers with the option to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Though Blake claimed she has no intentions of leaving the new location, the liquor license would still be valid in any location within Genoa Township. With the liquor license now approved, her next steps involve getting construction underway so she can work towards opening the new establishment.

Blake did not give a date as to when she expects the restaurant to be open, but she did say that it will not be named Mexicali Allies. She did not reveal the new name of the establishment, but promised it would pay homage to the previous name. (DF/JK)