The Howell Downtown Development Authority has parted ways amicably with a pair of members and local business owners.

Howell DDA President Brian Walker announced at Wednesday night’s meeting that he had two unfortunate resignations from the Board to approve. One was restaurateur Adam Merkel, who owns Diamond’s, The Silver Pig, and Cello, downtown. Merkel recently announced he was expanding his brand to Royal Oak with new dual concept-restaurant and bar that includes a second Diamond’s location. He cited a lack of parking in Downtown Howell as one reason for choosing Royal Oak. In his resignation letter to DDA Director Cathleen Edgerly, Merkel stated that it was a pleasure working with the DDA, and he will still be a part of the community, being in town 3 to 4 days each week to run his Howell restaurants.

The DDA Board also accepted the resignation of Kevin Adamo. Adamo owns Country Lane Flower Shop, but is moving to Seattle, Washington on August 1st for a job opportunity in education. He will remain the owner of the shop, keeping it open under the management of his current team.

Mayor Nick Proctor said during the meeting that he intends to keep the DDA board at its current seven member size after the resignations. This puts it in unison with City Council and the Planning Commission which also have seven member boards. Edgerly said the DDA was originally designed for this number, but due to great interest they had taken on additional members. However, neither her or Proctor were closed off to the idea of allowing new members if their qualifications fit and they have the appropriate passion. (MK/JK)