By Mike Kruzman /

A GOP candidate for 47th State House has been endorsed by a political action committee that supports small business.

Livingston County Republicans Chair Meghan Reckling announced this week that she has been endorsed by the Small Business Association of Michigan’s Small Biz-PAC. According to a release, the Small Biz-PAC represents 28,000 members and supports candidates who work to stimulate small business growth and provide Michigan with an entrepreneurial economy. Reckling said that as a small business owner herself, she couldn’t be more pleased or honored to receive this endorsement.

She adds this endorsement to a list that already includes such from Associated Builders and Contractors, Right Life Michigan, U.S. Senate candidate John James, State Senator Lana Theis, and several county officials. Reckling is one of 4 candidates vying for the nomination at August 4th’s primary.

Also in contention are Livingston County Commissioner and former Sheriff Bob Bezotte, Assistant to the Brighton Township Manager Zach Dyba, and Marion Township resident Yvonne Black. The 47th State House seat is currently held by Hank Vaupel of Fowlerville, who is term limited and can’t run.