By Jessica Mathews /

Genoa Township has implemented new fees and registration requirements for medical marijuana activities.

At a recent meeting, the board voted to approve a resolution setting forth an administrative fee structure pursuant to newly adopted zoning ordinance provisions for caregiver cultivation of medical marijuana. The regulations require a zoning certificate to cultivate medical marijuana as a patient caregiver within the agricultural and industrial zoning districts.

The township previously opted out of allowing any recreational marijuana activities so the fee is related to medical marijuana operations only. The approved resolution established both initial and annual renewal fees for the certificate.

Supervisor Bill Rogers tells WHMI they’ve had various meetings with DTE Energy and the building department and are trying to get people to register and the recording process would be administrative. He said they want to make it very clear this is going to be required so the township can monitor these situations because in some areas “it’s just gotten out of hand” and they want to make sure they can stay on top of it and know it’s all being done legally.

Rogers says what they’re finding is that there’s a lot of illegal marijuana going on, which is taxing police and building departments but also in particular DTE because it’s overloading their system. Rogers said they’re just trying to make sure that people are registering so they know they’re legal and that further action could take place in the event that somebody is doing something illegally.

Information would be obtained on those registered through the state and then those parties would need to submit required documentation. The fee is $500 for an initial application and $100 for renewal.