With the shifty winter weather this season, motorists are either encountering snow storms or troublesome potholes.

Due to the weather patterns this year and temperature spikes, the whole winter has basically turned into pothole season according to MDOT Spokeswoman Jocelyn Hall. She says the freeze-thaw cycles wreak havoc on roads and it’s frustrating for everyone, so they appreciate any feedback from the public about where potholes are located. Hall says once they know where potholes are located; they can get crews out quickly to fill them before motorists encounter them the wrong way – meaning damaging vehicle, a tire or rim.

Hall says patch crews have been out and working proactively to stay on top of the situation. However with more snow sure to come, she says crews will just continue to switch back and forth between plowing and salting or patching the roads. Hall tells WHMI that will likely be the nature of the remainder of this winter to keep roads passable for drivers.

Hall says they appreciate public feedback about where potholes are located so crews can respond before they get worse or damage vehicles - either to MDOT or the applicable local road agency. She asks people report potholes as quickly as possible by either calling any MDOT office or submit an electronic form on MDOT’s website. The link is provided. Hall notes it’s helpful to provide specifics about the route and area so crews can focus on a general location. Any “MI” or “US” route is considered an MDOT road, while others are usually under jurisdiction of the local road commission. Freeway ramps are considered state trunk line. (JM)